Dance is integral to being human. It's an art form that has transcended cultures across millennia. The choreography cell remains active throughout the year by organizing several events and taking part in various competitions. It marks the onset of the festive season by organizing ‘DANDIYA NIGHTS’ every year and participates in inter-college cultural fests like ANTARAGNI (IIT-Kanpur) and achieved 7th position in 2K19. The Choreography Cell gives a numerous number of performances in ABHIVYAKTI, the cultural fest of SRMGPC. It also organizes solo and group dance competitions. The cell has won ‘THE BEST CELL’ award in ABHIVYAKTI for the last 3 consecutive years. Amidst the chaos and pressure, dancing keeps us motivated.


Whether you enjoy the Electric Waves or just the Soothing Classical Music or something that falls in the middle, we have it all. The euphony cell originated in our college in the year 2005. Since then it’s been developing and growing everyday. It provides a platform to so many new talents to become part of this community and spread the magic of their huge talent. The cell organizes which add sparkle to the dazzling fest like, Agaaz, Swarigini, Aawahan, Bonfire, Interlude and many more. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.


Dracula, the dramatic cell of college is appreciated by all. The Dracula cell provides a platform to the students interested in learning more about the aspects of theater. This includes learning stage terminology, working on acting skills, set building, and costumes/makeup design. The cell encourages dramatic presentations by students in the form of skits, mime, plays, nukkad natak etc. The cell has given various memorable performances based on different genres such as patriotic, thriller, comedy and it continues.. The cell also organizes various competitions like Street War, AD-MAD, Poetry, Rangbaazi etc.


Ritumbhara cell is about the personality of an individual. The walk, look, beauty, attitude, of the person is being judged and hence wins the title of various categories. The cell has also won many awards. It shows creativity by its costume and sequences. Also, it is the most awaited show of the night. Altogether it builds up confidence among the students.


It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart, and head. The photography cell provides a platform for the students to share and exhibit their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography, to share and critique the photographs of peers, to educate and improve technical skills, and to spread the love of photography throughout the college. The cell conducts regular exhibitions, workshops and guest lectures to enhance aesthetic and critical skills in photography.


The Media Cell is dedicated to back support Abhivyakti year after year behind the curtains. The chief duties of the cell include hosting events like Mascot Drawing Competition(Emblems to be drawn on themes of Abhivyakti), Flex Making and RJ Hunt(Event for people who can think fast and speak faster) that are judged by esteemed judges from inside or out campus. The duties of the cell include Internal Publicity and External Publicity. Internal publicity includes making on campus students aware of the details of the events happening during fests. External publicity includes ruffling feathers of media survives like radio, newspaper etc.It also conducts press conferences for guest celebrities as well as a fully fledged press release.


The Literary club of SRMCEM organizes events that will certainly dig your gyres deeper and at the same time it will amuse you to the fullest. The motto of our Literati club is to take you towards the path where you can “Learn and Grow”. Each and every student participates with zeal and fervor dedicating every iota of their energy in working for this club. Students share their knowledge and skills and there is a constant vibe of enthusiasm in our club. The variety and the number of competitions that the club offers is a trademark in itself. We at Literati offer competitions for students of SRMCEM as well as for students from other colleges. The diversity is great and unique!


The Decoration Cell is a cell which makes the base and puts life to the fests of SRMGPC. It is one of the best off stage cells and has won many awards. This cell in our college originated in the year 2005.Since then it is becoming more and more creative. Every member of the cell has a unique and tremendous talent which motivates new talents to come and be the part of this family. Altogether we make the college lighten up and beautiful.


The Creative Canvas Cell is a club with precise coordination, extraordinary results having hope to bring life to our cultural fest “Abhivyakti”. This club is originated in our college with a hope and purpose to explore art and makes everything beautiful just by using creativity with canvas. Every member of the club has a unique and excellent talent of playing with arts which motivates new talents to come and be the part of this club. This club also won many awards in Abhivyakti such as best board and best garden decorator.


On the Outside, we could appear a bunch of overexcited nerds too keen to publish a lousy newspaper that only the faculty and administrators read. But looks can be deceiving. Yes, we don’t have the glamor and glitter of the On Stage cells like Dracula, Euphony, Steps or FS, but we have a fair share of aces up our sleeves. From the intellectual task of writing a newspaper to conducting fiery sports like Kabaddi, to organizing a fashion show on its own, to entertaining the faculty with events like Tambola and Musical Chair, We are the NPC that can do it all. This is the cell who would surely win your hearts, again and again, for years to come.


As we know, actions speak louder than words, but the cell expresses through words and binds the audience. The wiwa cell hitches the hearts and souls of the audience to the events. Gives an amusing invention of the events, ensuring a boost to the adrenaline rush. Assures the drums of heartbeats merge with the excitement around. Binds the audience in the spectrum of vivid cultural performances and ceremonies. Clinch laughter and smiles with their scripts full of gags even in the absence of events. It embeds creativity in its scripts to make the audience more acquainted with the theme.


The Prize Distribution Cell is responsible for distributing prizes and managing the overall Prize distribution to the winners of the different events conducted during the fest by all the different cells.


Behind the scenes of every performing show, you’ll find a stage manager hard at work. The cell acquaints themselves with all aspects to make sure plays, musicals, and concerts all go off without a hitch. The Stage cell works with the crew—like the costume design, lighting, and sound departments—throughout the rehearsal period to ensure a seamless performance once the show opens which is essential throughout the entire run of the show as well.


The Handicraft Cell is the ultimate resource for crafting inspiration and creative ideas. The cell provides a platform to develop aesthetic values and enhance the creative skills and artistic talents of students. It helps members as an artist to understand their role in creativity and cultural industries.The cell promotes and supports art enthusiasts to propagate and contribute to special activities. The Handicraft cell evaluates and appreciates member’s efforts through organizing different events.


The Hospitality cell focuses on the application of management principles in the field of hospitality during the fests. The cell involves overseeing the day-to-day administrative, operational and other activities. The cell’s duties include generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests and hospitable treatment.


The Informal cell takes the responsibility to make Abhivyakti interesting beyond the stage also. The cell provides a different dimension to the fest by organizing various off-stage events like Cricket, Kite flying etc. that keep the audience engaged. The cell organizes various competitions like Musical Chairs, Tug of War, Housie, Kho-Kho, Cricket, Kite War, Darts, Chess, Lemon Race, Sack Race, Seven up Seven down, Three Legged Race, and many more


Security is the degree of resistance to, or protection from harm. It applies to any vulnerable and valuable assets, such as a person, dwelling, community, item, nation or organization. Security provides ‘A form of protection where a separation is created between the assets and the threats.’ And sometimes includes changes to the assets or the threats. This is what we try to achieve (Security Cell).


The Control cell is responsible for smooth conduction of various fests in our college. The cell carries the list of all the events which will be held during the cultural fest “Abhivyakti" in the upcoming days. The cell is responsible for the registrations of individuals in all the events of the respective cell. The contestants registering from outside our college are first registered on the Control desk and are provided with a registration slip. The slip makes them eligible to perform and participate in Abhivyakti.


The External Publicity Cell plays a significant role in bringing about the cultural fest of the college ‘Abhivyakti’. External publicity cell brings sponsorship from different companies and organizations in order to facilitate the program and to coordinate and cooperate in the happening of the event. The cell has brought sponsorship from various organizations like “FBB”, “SHOPPER’S STOP”, “SUBWAY”, “CETPA”, “MADE EASY” etc. The cell always remains determined to enhance their work through their hard work to bring sponsors to make the fest magnificent and astonishing each time.

Publicity Cell

The Internal Publicity cell focuses on the publicity of Abhivyakti and all the events as well as competitive events and encourages the students to participate in the events in Abhivyakti. The cell events include - IPC RALLY (The IPC cell conducts a Rally in the college campus promoting Abhivyakti 2k20 and encouraging the students to take interest and participate in the particular events they like.), Talent Hunt (The cell conducts an interesting event on the day when 1st zero period is issued. The event is held on the basketball court in which the participants perform and show their particular talent and each participant is given a chocolate or frooti).


The infrastructure cell’s responsibilities comprises the various facilities and services that are required as part of the event which may include tents, lights, electricity, etc.